Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Work in progress

TA DA!! This... is.. my.. work table. Very economical, $9.90 from Ikea. Sometimes i feel like I'm working at a sweatshop haha. I'm sooooooooo longing for a proper workspace...

Notice the panda head? It's a panda quilt cover / bed sheet set i lugged back alone from Shanghai last year. Cost me a hefty sgd$200+... (probably less than 150 threadcount) but i love it to bits :) it's way cute beyond words... I nearly bought a sgd$400+ wedding bedsheet set that time but thank god that shop didn't accept international credit cards!

Sometimes, Some days.

About me:
Some days I feel like I am the most incredible woman in the world,
Some days I find it impossible to lift my finger to do the most menial tasks.