Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday's gig

We just had a gig at youth park on Saturday, was great fun! :) Special thanks to Muchuan for organizing this event!

If you look really closely, we're all wearing the same tees with the slogan "live for the moment". All credits fo Jason. Do you have a moment you're striving for? On a sidenote I don't really like to wear t-shirts coz unfitted clothes make me look shorter and fatter than i really am. haha...

That's me in the red beret :D

Yay Redpoll!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still Alice crazy

Wounderland Earrings

It's Red Riding Hood again!

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge - Bracelet


I just couldn't get enough of red riding hood! This is the first bracelet I've listed. I've finally listed something else other than necklaces! haha.

I love the gingham print ribbon too much, i just had to make a whole set of jewelry for this!
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge - Earrings

I can't comment much about these, other than them being super cute and very affordable ;)

Available here.


Here are some items that I've listed in my new etsy shop... :)

I've been experimenting with cotton jersey for making flowers, they make more structured flowers. Plus the material is soft and comfy.

Just a continuation to my Pocketful of Posies collection!

All flowers are handsewn, petal by petal.

Blushing Spring Garden

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm feeling...

Happy, and kind of depressed.

Happy, because someone purchased this about a week ago...

My first international sale :)

But imagine being called stupid and useless for pursuing your dream.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Long long time ago...

It’s amazing how fairytales and fables can still be so popular after centuries…they just appreciate with time – which is the same for vintage items!

I managed to import some really beautiful vintage intaglios and made them into pendants. Treasure them well and they can be passed on from generation to generation!

I decided to make these real simple, which make them great for everyday wear - which is a little change from my usual creations which some of you might find a little OTT...

Rosa Necklace

This just exudes old world girly charm. I'm gonna go all sales-girly and say that this would go with anything!

Happy Feet

Work in Progress


I'm very very behind time. I've been so so busy, I haven't had enough time to complete what i would love to do. Been busy with song recording for my band Redpoll, which i had to do quite a number of times coz I really couldn't get the song :( but all's done now!

I have been working on some new accessories, which I'm very excited to reveal - but mostly still work in progress. Ah, the lack of time. I'm still not done with my Alice in Wonderland collection yet though. I've watched the movie, and was very in love with the colours they used - especially the pale, dusty blue colour on Alice's dresses..

I'll be posting some items up next, some imported, cool finds :)

Till then, have a nice weekend!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I love etsy

I've finally listed my handmade items on Etsy!
Check me out at the link below :)

I'll be listing my handmade items there from now onwards. So please support handmade!

Other items which are sourced from elsewhere, I'll continue posting them here :)

So do check back often! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

All mixed up

Boy, I'm tired.

I was so tired i concussed right after dinner last night.

I'm one day behind coz I mixed up the days for this week, I thought Wednesday was Tuesday. So i was rushing for items for Alice in Wonderland I thought Wednesday was Tuesday, I thought - good! I can launch Alice in Wonderland just before the movie launches on Thursday. But oops! It's already Friday.

But anyhow, I'm ready to post them up now! It's not alot, but as usual I'm really excited about it. Whee!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gorgeous Rings

More gorgeous rings!

Of Woodland Creatures & Rings

These are some good finds that I've brought in for sale! Enjoy!

Rabbit Ring

- very Alice in Wonderland!
Antiquated Brass (please note that for brass, patina may form over time)
Size: 6
Size: 5.5

Sold out
*note: for gauge on ring size, please see link at bottom of this page

Bird Ring

Antiquated Brass
Size: 5 - (about 16mm diameter)
(only 2 pieces available)

Sold Out

*Please read terms and conditions for ordering of items
* For gauge on ring size, please see this link: