Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Once Upon a Time will be having 15% off storewide for ALL Clothing for the month of June 2010!

Click on this link to buy!

Prices are realllly cheap, so buy them before they are gone :)

Happy Shopping!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Polka Dotty Inspiration

Just let these pictures do the talking... I was really inspired by the tinytoadstool beret!

So I made a mushroom out of my dog...

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I’ve been realllllly busy, these few weeks have been a mad mad rush!

Rehearsals for my brother’s wedding, some last minute heartland gigs, and most hectic of all, preparations for the Hong Kong trip!!

Preparations for live for the mo\m/ent, doing the photoshoot, the rehearsals! We had a really fulfilling trip, each of us 3 bands had 3 gigs each during the duration of Music Matters, so we were there to root each other for the total of 9 gigs for 4 days! Here's a couple of Redpoll's last performance in HK...

Late nights, too much booze, too much food! But hell, it was a blast, a great experience, a real eye opener! Nothing beats travelling with good friends :) We also met some really awesome people, and saw some really really rockin’great acts that blew my mind.

We all came back sick and exhausted, but happy :D

I have tonnes of backlogs for my little shop, and I hope to post them all up very very soon!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Love came in a paper package on Monday morning.

I’ve been lusting over dadaya’s beret for the longest time. It’s all in the name of uniqueness, quirkiness! I always found that it’s too expensive, but one fine day I would eventually buy (when I’m feeling rich) it because I can never find anything similar elsewhere.

When I come across anything that I find unique/cute/amazing/lust-worthy, I always love to share it with my hubby. When I showed him the link to this beret a week before that Monday, he said I was crazy (being the pragmatic, sane man he is) mainly coz of the price…

I didn’t buy it in the end coz I will definitely be scolded for being so exorbitant, but I still thought to myself, I would eventually buy it one day!

Who knows, the silly hubby surprised me with this on Monday morning. It was a rush order, so I could wear it during the HK trip. The seller, Shan Shan is also a very lovely lady! I love her sense of style, her designs, her everything!

I was literally touched to tears.

Thank you.