Monday, September 6, 2010

New stuff

It's been such a long time since I last posted here! GAH!

Been so busy that I've neglected this space. Well here are some updates!

Sometimes when I need to relax, I bake or cook (it actually keeps me sane!)... But there's one particular pastry that has been making me insane! That is *Drumroll*... the macaron. I've tried it 4 times, and still unsuccessful :( my failure rate for baking cakes/pastries/cookies is usually very low!

The first time, they rose in the oven, (I was anxiously squatting at the oven door waiting for feet to sprout) but after taking them out, they fell flat...

The second time, they rose nicely (still no feet)! I was so sad!

The third time, I thought something good would come out of it.. I put them in an air conditioned room to make the skin form faster, and to my horror, those stupid macarons cracked in the oven. (Ok.. I should be the stupid one for getting it wrong... but I really don't know where I went wrong)

The fourth time was worse than the third time... they cracked and looked like volcanoes!

After failing on my 4th time, I've decided to NOT TRY baking these devils anymore. Not for the time being. They're such ego crushers! My chocolate macarons look better unbaked. LOL.

On a side note, here are some new pictures... I've always loved the combination of pink and black! Something about it that's sweet, yet sexy at the same time.

I've just posted new jewelry in my website too! Accessories that are simple, and unique for daily wear.
New clothing will be out very soon! Do email me at to be updated with the latest products and news! :)

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